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Teen Exercise and Nutrition Group – Texas Child Study Center

From Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas:

Attention teens!  Are you working on getting to a healthier weight?
Teens Empowered for Exercise and Nutrition (TEEN) Group

How can I join TEEN group?  Requirements:

  • Be a teen (age 13-18), with a parent or guardian who can attend meetings with you
  • Be referred for the group through your primary care provider (PCP)
  • Be classified as needing to get to a healthier weight by your doctor or health care provider
  • Have the desire to learn more about how to make positive changes

What can I learn in TEEN group?

The TEEN group is not a nutrition or fitness program.  It focuses on the challenges of making healthy behavior changes and helps teens build skills in the following areas:

  • Motivation: Increase your motivation to follow through and reach your health goals.
  • Mindfulness: Eating mindfully can help you resist emotional eating.
  • Emotion regulation: Learn to cope with difficult emotions without using food or unhealthy behaviors.
  • Self Image: Learn to accept yourself and recognize your positive qualities.
  • Communication: Parents, other family members, and teens learn to support each other in being healthier.  Teens learn to meet their goals with the help of family and other loved ones.
The TEEN group is open to all interested and eligible teens in the Austin area.  The cost to participate is only $5 per session.  If you are interested in joining ask your doctor to make a referral by calling the Texas Child Study Center at 512-324-3315.
Questions?  Call the Texas Child Study Center and ask for Dr. Jane Gray.


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