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Trinity Youth: Mural continues on Wednesday & Sikhism lesson on Sunday

Hello again!

Trinity youth will be meeting tonight @ 7pm to continue work on the mural. Last week, we went inside and cut up magazines in preparation for the “collage” aspect to the mural we’re planning on the east-side of the shed. Perhaps we will continue utilizing scissors or perhaps we’ll be back to painting (depends on what the students want).

This coming Sunday for the classes that take place during 9:30 AM Sunday School & 10:30 service, we will be doing a lesson in Sikhism (in wake of the shootings last week). In continuance to our unit on Meditation/Prayer/Centering, we will learn the chant/meditation that Sikhs are encouraged to do every morning, as well as a general information session on the “fifth largest religion on planet Earth”.

Hope to see y’all!

Matt Moon

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