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guest artist this sunday – george milton

George Milton is a folk/soul singer who originally hails from Birmingham, AL. He is in Austin by way of a number of other cities and is just happy to be alive and making music. You can listen to his music for free at and he encourages you to do so, because it is awesome.

George Milton has always been a southern boy, he just can’t help it. He was raised by bears in the Alabama woods and was writing songs before the humans even found him. Some of his early work didn’t translate very well from Bear to English so he revamped his style a little and invested in an English thesaurus.

The recent release of his debut album, Scream & Shout tells this story in a vague metaphorical language that sounds like songs of love and adventure. Be not fooled, friends. It is a story of bears and thesauri, and George would have you know this.

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