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Trinity 101: New 4-part Sermon Series for the Month of September

by Sid Hall 

Have you seen all the new faces at Trinity? We are so fortunate to be a congregation on the move, growing and learning, and creating new community over every time we gather together.  Maybe you are new to Trinity and are a just a bit curious about what makes us tick. Perhaps you have been a part of the Trinity congregation for a long time and would love to have a refresher course to deepen your own understanding of Trinity UMC. Wouldn’t it be great to have an answer to the question: “What is Trinity all about anyway?”

I often say that Trinity sits on three legged stool. You take one of those legs away, and the stool falls down.  They are:  The Commitment to United Methodism, The Commitment to Creation-Centered Spirituality, and the Commitment to the work of Liberation (which includes Reconciling).Each of the three characteristics are often entry points into our community.  Some people come because they have always been United Methodist, others visit because of our involvement in liberation issues and social justice causes, including our commitment to LGBT inclusion; and still others find us because of our commitment to Creation-Centered Spirituality. I find that those who end up embracing all three are more likely to stay. On the three Sundays in September beginning with September 9th, we will explore in worship and in my sermons those three characteristics of our mission. On the last Sunday, September 30th, we will look at how to add flesh to those bones and make them dance.

  • Sunday, Sep 9th:           The Commitment to United Methodism
  • Sunday, Sep 16th:         The Commitment to Creation-Centered Spirituality
  • Sunday, Sep 23rd:         The Commitment to Liberation
  • Sunday, Sep 30th:         Making These Bones Dance

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