Sid Begins New Sermon Series – The Underground Church: Reclaiming the Subversive Way of Jesus

Sid will base his sermons on the new provocative book by the same title written by Robin Meyers.  Of the book, Archbishop Desmond Tutu comments, “Read this book if you dare. Become a part of the movement if you are daring.” Throughout the weeks of Epiphany and Lent, Sid will be taking us on a journey that will stir up our deepest questions on how to reclaim the radical Jesus when his church has caught the last train for the coast. Here is brief excerpt of the book to give you a hint of what to expect:

“In trying to silence Galileo, the church gravely wounded itself. If it knew less than a man with a telescope about the heavens, then what did it really know about heaven? In its fear and loathing of women, it proved itself to be a boys’ club, cut off from and deeply distrustful of Sophia. In its persecution of saints, its rejection of mystics, its incestuous marriage to Empire, its hypocrisy and paranoia about sex, its fear about allowing the common man or woman to read and interpret the Bible, the church has become for many a cartoon of self-preservation, institutional hypocrisy, and cosmic cluelessness.” (Robin Meyers)

Sid’s sermon series will use Meyers’ chapters as a springboard but will relate to the subjects based on our common mission and life together at Trinity. 

We are also excited to announce that Rev. Dr. Gil Caldwell, one of United Methodism’s prominent black preachers, social activists, and supporter of Reconciling ministries, will be preaching at Trinity on Sunday, February 10th.

  • Sun, Jan 6 –         Empty Sermons, Empty Pews (Epiphany/Communion)
  • Sun, Jan 13 –       Sweet Jesus: Talking His Melancholy Madness
  • Sun, Jan 20 –       The Early Church That Never Was (MLK Sunday)
  • Sun, Jan 27 –       Waking Up In Bed with Constantine
  • Sun, Feb 3 –        Onward Christian Soldiers? (Communion)
  • Sun, Feb 10 –      Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Gil Caldwell
  • Sun, Feb 17 –      Faith As Radically Embodied Trust (Evolution Sunday)
  • Sun, Feb 24 –      Renewing the Church through Sacred Mission Leavening the Imperial Loaf
  • Sun, Mar 3 –        Mission Leavening the Imperial Loaf (Communion)
  • Sun, Mar 10 –     Jesus Followers on the No-Fly List
  • Sun, Mar 17 –     The Underground Church on War, Sex, Money, Family, and the Environment
  • Sun, Mar 24 –     Beyond Belief: The Manifesto of the Underground Church (Palm Sunday)
  • Sun, Mar 31 –     The Underground Church,  Above Ground (Easter)

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