Trinity Honors the Memory of Alice Crabtree

Dear Trinity Family,

We learned on Wednesday that Alice Crabtree died sometime early in the week. Alice was Trinity’s beloved accompanist from 1990 to 2009 and also a cherished member of the church since that time. She came as a visiting accompanist for Easter in 1990 and never left. All three of her children—Thomas, Katie, and Andrew were born, baptized, and raised at Trinity. Alice was a trained and gifted musician who was equally at home playing Bach or the Doors—and she could shift seamlessly from playing one to the other. Her playing never sounded like it came from sheet music but was identical to what you heard on the radio. She was a creative genius on the keyboards. Alice’s levity at choir rehearsals kept everyone entertained and her creative and spontaneous style helped create the spirit of the early service when we were first starting out at Hancock Rec Center.

Her family found Alice in her apartment on Wednesday morning after not being able to reach her for 24 hours. As of this writing (Thursday afternoon), they have not determined the exact cause of her death. We are heartbroken by this news. We all loved Alice very much. Our prayers are with her kids, her ex-husband Phil, her parents, her three sisters, and all of us who were so blessed by her uncanny ability to keep us connected Sunday after Sunday to the Beatles, Neil Young, Stevie Nicks, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Trinity will celebrate Alice’s life in a memorial service at Trinity on Monday, March 4 at 11am.

Please help Trinity host the Crabtree reception.

Trinity’s Care and Nurture team is looking for volunteers to donate finger foods for the Crabtree reception. We are planning on serving approximately 50 people. Items Needed:

* Sandwiches – pimento cheese, or chicken or tuna salad, or ham.
* Extra large bag of corn chips
* Extra large bag of potato chips
* Dip for chips
* Mixed nuts
* Fresh fruit tray
* Fresh vegetable tray
* Desserts – cookies, brownies, cupcakes
* Other finger foods you especially would like to bring
* Fresh flowers from your garden

We need volunteers to meet Monday morning around 9:30 a.m. in the Community Hall to set up. Please contact Susie Tacchi to volunteer. Home phone 292-0376, Cell phone 461-9394

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