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First UU Public Forum: Status of Current Immigration Legislation in Texas and the U.S.

  • First UU Church of Austin (Santuary)
  • 4700 Grover Avenue Austin, TX 78756
  • Sunday, April 28 from 12-1 p.m.

With Esther Reyes. What can we do to support good legislation from a human rights perspective? Esther Reyes, Austin Immigrant Rights Coalition Executive Director will bring updates on Legislation, as well as information on what advocacy groups are doing and how we can make a difference. This  interactive discussion will draw on storytelling, photography, and documentary video to share the moving, evolutionary journey of this organization and highlight the challenges, possibilities, and successes it encounters participating in the everyday work of a nation rebuilding itself.  

Learn more about Esther Reyes through one of KLRU’s recent features on women and girls who are making a difference both locally and globally.

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