Hospitality Team Needed ASAP!

As many of you may have noticed, Laura McMorris has been filling the role of Hospitality Team for many of our events.  She has been tirelessly setting up/cooking for and cleaning up after dinners, Sunday morning treats and coffees, and special events.  She does an amazing job, but we want to expand the Hospitality Team beyond a team of one. :-)  

This is a wonderful opportunity for you to help Trinity be a welcoming congregation.  Our goal to get enough folks on this team so that no single person is required to carry the load by themselves or too frequently.

To join: 

  • On The City: Type Hospitality in the search box at the top right side of your screen.  Click on Hospitality Team when it pops up, then join.
  • Not on The City: Ideally, visit and join The City, then follow the instructions above.  If you are unable to join The City, email Amy at

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