New Sermon Series – Seven Essential Tenet of Creation Spirituality. Begins 4/7

Seven Essential Tenet of Creation Spirituality

  • Apr 07:  Creation Spirituality…sees God in all things, God in all people, and God in every aspect of the universe.  (Communion)
  • Apr 14:  Creation Spirituality…recognizes no division between the sacred and the profane.  
  • Apr 21:  Creation Spirituality…experiences no significant division from this life and the world to come. (Earth Day)
  • Apr 28:  Creation Spirituality…believes in original blessing and original sin. 
  • May 05:  Creation Spirituality…embraces God and the universe as an all-compassing mystery. (May Day/Beltane/Communion)
  • May 12:  Creation Spirituality…holds both the masculine and feminine of God together in equal power. (Mother’s Day)
  • May 19:  Creation Spirituality…requires personal transformation and global justice. (Pentecost)

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