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Goodbye Lauren & Family – Reception 5/12

* sniff… sniff * As most of you know by now, our beloved Accompanist, Lauren, and her sweet family are leaving us and moving out of state.  Yes, they know that this is in direct violation of our vote that they stay with us forever and ever, and no, they did not accept our proposal to keep Marshall here with us. :-(  We will miss them terribly, but also are excited for this new opportunity in their lives and wish them all the best.  We will remain their family and I know that they will visit us when they are able.

We are sending them off with a reception this Sunday, May 12th after the service.  We’ll have cake and coffee, and I hope that you can all stop in to give them your love and say farewell.  

We will have notecards out at all the bulletin tables and are asking that everyone write a little note to Lauren, Daniel, and Marshall.  You can place them in the special bowl that will be on the altar during the offering time.

We’ll see you there!

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