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A Bittersweet Farewell …

I wanted to take a moment to let the Trinity family know that this weekend I will be returning to Key West, Florida to assist a friend who has taken ill. I just wanted to thank everyone at Trinity for making my albeit short stay with you such an enjoyable and meaningful one. I have learned much from you in the last few months, lessons I hope to be able to implement upon my return in my future endeavors and associations.

As I lived there for seven years before moving to Austin, I predict that the transition will be an easy one. The support of my family-of-choice has blown my mind with encouragement and warmth upon hearing of my return. This, of course, does not mean my departure won’t be filled with tears. I have met some truly amazing people during my nine months in your wonderful city. You have much to be proud of here. And who knows, if the universe sees fit, we may cross each other’s path again one day.

Until then, may all the blessings and love that the universe has to offer be laid at your feet. Thank you again for some truly great memories.

David Harer

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