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Methodist Federation for Social Action Mtg – 9/12

Vision Of A Fully Inclusive Church

The movement for a fully-inclusive UMC is growing. Over 500 people attended the Reconciling Ministries Network’s 12th Annual Convocation in Chevy Chase, MD this Labor Day weekend. Eighteen of our own Southwest Texas Conference Methodists will participate in opportunities for worship, Bible study, singing, conversation, and action to support full LGBTQ inclusion in The United Methodist Church.

At our MFSA meeting on Thursday, September 12, some of the attendees will reflect on their experiences at Convocation. Mary Ann Kaiser, Youth Director and Justice Associate at University UMC in Austin, will share her dreams for a fully inclusive UMC. Mary Ann, who attended the event for the first time, married her partner, Annanda Barclay, at a private ceremony during the event. As you may recall, Mary Ann was a candidate for ordained ministry in The UMC, when she was preemptively rejected by the Board of Ordained Ministry on June 6, 2013 without an interview. An appeal to Bishop Dorff did not alter the decision of the Board of Ordained Ministry, and it will now go to the Judicial Council. Her response to this was in the RMN Blog (June 14, 2013),

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