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Update on Social Justice Class – White Privilege 8/18, Preview for 8/25

From Yvonne:

As always, I enjoyed our class today and I hope it has continued to help in our journey to develop a healthy racial identity and engage in anti-racist work.

Today, we watched the excerpts from CNN‘s Kids and Race as well as A Girl Like Me by Kiri Thomas. An essential point is in order for youth to develop the ability to have authentic multiracial relationships and develop a positive racial identity, adults have to actively talk about it and model how to do this early and often. In such discussions, it is important to talk about similarities anddifferences as well as offer context of institutional oppression to issues like poverty and educational equity. Talking about and naming race and racism does not promote racist behavior, ignoring it does.

For our next class, I distributed a personal self-survey for you to complete. It is available on the link below. Please bring it to the next class.

We also talked about how to identify racism and sexism in children’s books. The copier was down today at TUMC so here is the link to the resource I cited: I Read More    

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