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Pride Parade 2013 Last Minute Info

The Pride Parade is this Saturday, September 7th!  Here are a few details to know for the big day:
  • Eat!  If you’d like to join the larger group at First UMC, sign up ahead of time at  The meal will be at the FUMC Family Life Center  – across the street diagonally from the church, on the northwest corner of Lavaca Street and 13th Street.  No payments at the door (unless pre-arrangements have been made with Charlie or Libby of First UMC).  
  • Park where you can. Some parking available at State Garage A (entrance on Trinity – northbound one-way – just north of 14th street, entrance on the left.  Get onto Trinity from 12th or further south.)  There are no “parking passes” as there were last year.  First UMC (where the dinner is!) will have parking — see their website at
  • Arrive between 7 and 7:15 please, unless you are driving or decorating a float.  Walkers must wait on sidewalks until “step-off” time or as directed by Parade Volunteers, who will be wearing safety vests.  Find Trinity’s group.
  • Bring your banner and/or signs.
  • Drink lots of water before, during, and after the parade.
  • March, Walk, Ride!!!  Leave 15 feet of space between churches, so the MC can announce us properly.  There are 2 MC stations – between 8th and 7th and after we turn off Congress, on 4th after Colorado.
  • Walk to the sidewalk to hand out gimmes!  Hand out, don’t throw SWAG; no Confetti, Silly String (bad for water system), air horns, glass, body armor, water guns, or projectile equipment.  Only churches that paid Austin Pride for SWAG can hand it out (this is for clean-up costs).
  • If there are protesters, ignore them.  Be a loving presence.
  • There will be 2 live performances, which will slow/stop the parade for a few minutes.  Have fun and engage the spectators.  Keep up the energy.
  • Last year, the spectators spilled into the street.  It was fun, but a little difficult.  This year, there will be stanchions with surveyors tape to try to keep the marching space clear.

Questions?  Contact PhaedraBryan, or Kenneth.

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