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Reflections on 2013 RMN Convocation – Rolando Perez

RMN Convocation was a wonderful and deeply humbling learning experience for which I owe my gratitude to our MFSA, RMN, and of course, my beloved faith community, without whom my trip to Maryland would not have been possible. I am pleased to report that my experience at Convocation has already yielded practical results in the form of a short presentation to a few members of my congregation, and it has prompted my own independent research to learn more about RMN, MFSA and the UMC. It was also a pleasure to reconnect with, and make new friends in the movement; and I was overjoyed to witness Mary Ann and Annanda’s wedding ceremony.

One of my takeaways from Convocation was an increase in sensitivity to our diversity as human beings. On many occasions, there were discussions of our various identities and privileges, and how they might intersect. Although we have the potential to harm others with our privileges, we may also use them to assist or advocate for those susceptible to harm. As we know, the way our society is structured, it may be practically impossible to keep from harming others. To me, the lesson in sensitivity is becoming aware of and examining Read More    

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