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TrinityFest Postponed

TrinityFest LogoTrinityFest, scheduled to take place on November 3rd, has been postponed and will take place in a different form sometime in late January or early February. We are doing what I called a “do-over” as a kid. WHY we’re doing this is simple: based on our very latest projections it looked like we were going to break even at best, and quite possibly lose money. We can’t do that. The TrinityFest team can’t, in all good conscience, go ahead and conduct an event when all the numbers say it will end up costing the church money. That is irresponsible, and we want you to have confidence that we harvest and harbor your hard-earned dollars wisely at a time when we are asking you for more of them through our stewardship campaign.

TrinityFest will be our time to celebrate 25 amazing years with Sid as our pastor. He says he doesn’t need a party – but its not for him, its for us! :-) We want to come together in food and song and community and celebration and show Sid how much we care. More info to come! Christopher de Mers

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