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Children’s Activities 11/24

Hello there,

Sunday is coming, and with it all the different activities for your child to a part of at Trinity United Methodist Church.

Every Sunday, an hour before Service starts, we have our Joyful Noises class. In that class, Shari and Elyse get the children singing and dancing to start the morning off.

Last Sunday, Pepper was really excited to read the book “Corduroy”, which was one of her favorite books from home. If you would like to bring one of your child’s favorite books with them this week, Shari or Elyse would love to read it to the group.

Last week, the kids from each of our four classes came together to prepare for a play that they will performing. This play will be a part of our Christmas Celebration on December 13th.

The comical skit will feature a pretty well known song (I am not saying what it is!) and will tell the story of the Nativity scene.

Like I said, during announcements last week, we are still looking for some more cast members to be in the play, from any age group. We could certainly use an extra Wiseman or Cow. Read More    

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