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Thanks from Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization

Dear Rev. Hall:

We received Trinity’s check number 2578 for $256.57 on 10/21/2013. We are particularly excited to receive it. Not only is it a generous and greatly appreciated gift but we are especially glad to have you be part of our Congregational support base.

As you heard, we had a wonderful US-Cuba Friendshipment Caravan in July, but while in Santiago in the eastern part of Cuba, we were overwhelmed by the destruction we saw. Homes, clinics, schools – everywhere we looked we saw the devastating results of last fall’s Hurricane Sandy. We asked “how can we help?” They answered, over and over: ROOFING!!! The photo below [in letter] was only one of the hundreds we took – of missing roofs, destroyed homes, people still living with friends and neighbors – still hoping to get back to normal.

So now we’ve committed to fill a shipping container full of roofing materials and send it to Santiago. Your donation will help. You have been so very generous – showing how you care. But the need is so great, and it is good to know that you want to be “part of the solution.” We’ll be sharing Read More    

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