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Hildegard’s Sisters Holiday Luncheon – 12/15

Hildegard’s’ Sisters will meet after church on December 15  at Central Market (38th and Lamar) for a holiday luncheon and presentation.  Meet in the community hall if you want to carpool! For those coming directly to CM, we will likely be on the top floor—but just keep your eyes peeled; we will be wherever we find the best group seating. As always, there will be rides home available to any of you who end up needing one.

The topic will be “Energy: the mind, body and soul connection to all things from our inner and outer worlds, and how influencing the inner world affects our outer reality”

Laura Oelofse, Anita Privett and Janet Cook will present the topic.

Janet will share her knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, exploring the energy transactions in the body with respect to body processes and how our food quality affects our internal energy states.

Laura will briefly touch on the role of energy transitions in our mental states and how they affect the way we relate to other people.

Anita will talk about the energy-soul connection and why prayer and meditation are such powerful change agents in our lives and within our community.


Hope to see you!

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