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Children’s Activities 1/19/2014

Hey Everyone,

Last Sunday was a lot of fun, for both the Trinity Kids, as well as staff. Come join us this Sunday, so we can have a repeat of that fun day.

I have been encouraging parents to bring their child’s favorite book with them, when they attend Joyful Noises in the morning. So far, that has been a success. Either Shari and Elyse will read the book, and then all the kids who attend will get to sing and dance to start off their Sunday.

Last weekend, I was lucky to be able to teach the Youth Students a lesson, as part of our youth leadership program, from 9:30-10:30.

This upcoming Sunday, I will be working with my Grammar School age kids on a lesson about the Kingdom of Heaven. We are also going to play the “Hidden Pearl” game, which is a metaphor for finding something beautiful inside within us. I look forward to teaching the lesson to each of your children.

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