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Children’s Activities 2/2/14

Hello Everyone,

We enter into February, hoping to keep up the momentum of the past few weeks. Last Sunday was excellent, we had four new students show up for our kids program.

My class, which takes place during service time was filled more than usual, and it made it the perfect time to continue my discussion on following in Jesus’ footsteps, and helping the community.

We also read the book “Even Higher”, a Hebrew story that presented the message: “The miracle is that there are no miracles. We don’t need them. Ordinary kindness and compassion are enough to save the world.”

This week, we will continue the lesson, and reference passages from the Bible that describe the kingdom of Heaven.

From 9:30-10:30, we have also seen a greater turn out. I always encourage parents to bring their little ones to our Joyful noises class. Shari and Elyse do a really great job singing songs and encouraging the kids to dance, which I think is a great way to start off a Sunday.

So, come join us for our first Sunday in February, which also Read More    

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