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Children’s Activities Sunday 1/5/2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had a safe and healthy holiday season. I also hope you, and your children will be a part of our experiences at Trinity for 2014!

Last weekend, we prepared for the New Year, reviewing what had happened in 2013 and also made resolutions for 2014. Tommy and Damon both had some really great goals for the new year, and also told me about how their Christmas went, while in my class.

This week, we are going to begin a discussion on the Path and Teachings of Jesus, and will read over a mock letter written by the Apostle Peter, showing students what it was like to be a follower of Jesus. We will also have a discussion about the community, and what plans we have to help others in this new year.

Shari, Pepper and Morgan discussed what they did for Christmas, right at the beginning of Joyful Noises last weekend. This week, Elyse will be back, ready to help join in on the singing and dancing for that class.

Jean-Paul will also be back to work with his Youth Students. Just as a reminder, Joyful Read More    

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