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Wellsprings of Wisdom – New Session Begins This Wednesday 1/15!

We have another great session ready for you starting Wednesday, January 15th! Visit to view a flyer and/or to register for the classes/meals online. There are registration forms available at Trinity.

Conflict Resolution – Jimmy Alan Hall & Jim Kvale

Our human lives are full of conflict and trauma. It is here; it’s there; it’s everywhere. It will never go away. All of us of are tired of it and the emotional, physical, and financial costs that seem to drain happiness from our lives.

Rather than view conflict as something to avoid, we can use it as a constructive means to discuss the interests that create the conflict that create it and find an appropriate means to resolve the conflict to serve those interests. Conflict resolution is not a “one-size-fits-all” mechanism. Effective conflict resolution must adapt to the complexities of each conflict and be based on effective communication and constructive attitudes. Effectively resolving conflict can help us live our lives with less stress, healthier attitudes and bodies, and with people (friends, love ones, and even enemies) with hope and contentment. Conflict resolution tools can assist us in our journey through life by finding ways to reach a resolution Read More    

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