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Children’s activities 2/9/2014

Hello Everyone,

Before I get into the details about this Sunday, I want to make sure everyone knows that Trinity is offering Child Services on Valentine’s Day Night from 6-10. That means four hours of Childcare for only $10. I don’t know about you, but as a parent, I think that is a pretty awesome situation!

Let’s talk about last Sunday for a second. Last Sunday was excellent, because of Sidfest, we had the most children we had seen at Trinity at a long time. Every Child, no matter what age group seemed to enjoy themselves, and that was after doing our usual Sunday activities. So, what I am wondering is, why can’t we have that turn out every weekend?

Joyful Noises starts at 9:30 in our sanctuary. This is an opportunity for parents and kids to join Shari and Elyse in starting off the Sunday experience on a fun note. There is always singing and dancing involved, and a book is read at the end of the class.

Last weekend, I taught a lesson that tied together Jesus’ mission with the mission of priests, ministers, Rabbi’s and other religious teachers in the modern day. It was a great way to give Read More    

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