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Children’s Activities – Sunday 2/16

Hello Everyone

Happy Valentine’s Day a day early!

Speaking of Valentine’s Day, we just had a few more inquiries about our Kids Night Out Program for tomorrow night. Like I said in my previous entry, this is a great opportunity. For just $10, you can have Childcare for four hours tomorrow night. As a parent that certainly works for me. Kids Night Out is from 6-10, tomorrow night.

I have to say, the past few weeks at Trinity have been pretty exciting. I am really happy to see more and more kids join our classes.

You know, Classes start as early as 9:30 on Sundays. You can bring your kids, and join them in our Joyful Noises class, run by Elyse and Shari. Of course, be ready to sing, and if you want to bring one of Child’s favorite books, they can read it to the group, when the class is almost over.

For my class, we worked on Valentines last week. We talked about how we show our love, to members of our family.

We are tackling a big word this week ‘Transcendence’. We will talk go over a few Bible verses that talk about Transcendence, and then also discuss an affirmation from Cosmic Read More    

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