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Children’s Activities Sunday 3/1/14

Hello Everyone,

The past few Sundays have been really great at Trinity. We are so excited to see new faces with our group, and more kids to engage with our Joyful Path inspired curriculum.

Every week, at 10:30, I base a lesson out of the Joyful path book, which I feel is such a perfect fit for Trinity. It is designed for progressive Christian Teaching.

The last two weeks, we did lessons about the Kingdom of Heaven, and how we could replicate it on Earth.

This week, I will not be there. Ms. Stephanie will be running my class with a lesson on the power of Prayer.

Joyful Noises will also go on, as scheduled at 9:30, where Trinity Kids can come together and start off their Sunday with some singing and Dancing.

Shari and I will be back next week, but we hope you all enjoy this Sunday at Trinity!

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