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Trinity Participates in Evolution Weekend – Feb. 9 & 15

The Clergy Letter Project Announces
Ninth Annual
Evolution Weekend
7-9 February 2014

Trinity United Methodist Church will be one of more than 530 congregations from across the country and around the world to participate in Evolution Weekend, Feb. 7-9, a period designed to recognize that religion and science, two fields of critical importance to humans, should be seen as complementary rather than confrontational.

Religious people from many diverse faith traditions and locations around the world understand that evolution is quite simply sound science; and for them, it does not in any way threaten, demean, or diminish their faith in God. In fact, for many, the wonders of science often enhance and deepen their awe and gratitude towards God.

Many of the participating congregations participating in Evolution Weekend this year have opted to focus on the fact that religion and science ask different questions and offer different insights. Indeed, religion’s primary purpose is not to convey scientific information but to transform hearts.

A list of participants can be found at Evolution Weekend is sponsored by The Clergy Letter Project whose members include more than 13,700 members of the clergy Read More    

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