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2014 Lenten Sermon Series by Sid Hall – Into the Wild

During the Sundays of Lent until Easter Sunday, Sid’s preaching series explores what it means to be launched by the Spirit into the wilderness—both the wilderness within and into the wild of our outer lives. By using familiar biblical stories as his core mythological framework, he will draw upon archetypal themes that show up in the great novels and movies, themes that all humans share in common. These are, in the order of Sundays: the Great Journey (Mar 9th), the Big Trick (Mar 16th), the Noble Sacrifice (Mar 23rd), the Capriciousness of Fate (Mar 30th), the Fall from Grace (Apr 6th), the Great Battle (Apr 13th), and the Big Mystery (Apr 20th).

  • Mar 9th Into the Wild: Jesus and the Tempter’s Snare
  • Mar 16th Into the Wild: Jonah and the Belly of the Whale
  • Mar 23th Into the Wild: Esther and the Babylonian Court
  • Mar 30th Into the Wild: Elijah and the Cave
  • Apr 6th Into the Wild: Job and the Whirlwind
  • Apr 13th Into the Wild: Pilate and the Peasant Parade (Palm Sunday)
  • Apr 20th Into the Wild: Paul and the Read More    

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