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Sunday’s Activities 3/16/2014

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful, sunny, Spring day!

Easter is only a few weeks away, and as we get closer, we will continue to provide Children’s lessons and activities every Sunday morning, Starting at 9:30am.

At 9:30, Joyful Noises begins, which is a program intended for our youngest members to attend (with their parents as well). Shari and Elyse run the class, inspiring the little kids to sing and dance and start off their Sunday morning on the right foot. At the very end of the class, a book is read that ties in with this week’s lesson.

At 10:30. Shari uses Godly play to teach a lesson to kids from 3-5 years old.

Elyse is there to provide care for the many babies we have coming to Trinity these days.

I will be continuing my lesson Read More    

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