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Easter Sunday Plans – Children

Hello Everyone,
Well the Countdown is almost over. I am hoping to see you all this Sunday, for Easter. Like I have said in previous emails, there will be two services this Sunday. One service at 9am and another at 10:30am.
For our children’s program, Shari, Elyse, Georgie and I have all put a lot of effort into setting up a fun Easter Sunday for everyone who attends. At the end of each Service, Children will be able to participate in an Easter Egg hunt. There will be candy, but we made sure that there wouldn’t be anything that the very little ones might have difficulty eating.
For the Godly Play kids (Shari’s Class) Will start off learning about the actual story of Easter. They will then find individual pictures that represent different parts of the story. They will then place the symbols together to compete the story.
At the end of the lesson, our kids will go out to have an Easter Egg Hunt on the playground.
For my students (ages 5-11) We will play an animal game, similar to charades, where Read More    

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