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Jung Society Round Table – 4/18

On the Red End: The Landscape of Neuropsychology
and the Wounded Seat of the Soul

We will consider how Jung’s ideas on the manifestation of the archetype — from the more rarified and ‘psychic’ violet end to the more grossly substantial and physical red end of the spectrum — can inform our understanding of the Mind/Brain and its functions. What are the mythological and psychological underpinnings of our attempts to map, treat and cure the “wounded” Mind/Brain. While modern science draws a parallel between the brain and the Mind, the source of meaning, purpose and volition in the individual, the “seat of the soul” has not always been located inside our skull. What can historic perspectives on the souls’ seat tell us about the limitations inherent in our current scientific vision?

Tiffany R. Baugher, Ph.D., LPsyc, MFT, is an Austin-based Depth Psychologist with 19 years of experience in hospital, clinic and private practice settings. She has spent the last decade dividing her time between a private psychotherapy practice and work in the field of neuropsychology and research. She is currently involved in several global Alzheimer’s research initiatives. She has been an instructor at the Jung Center, Houston since 2001 and is on the Read More    

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