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New Sermon Series: Everything’s A Lesson by Sid Hall

Sid will be basing his new sermon series on the popular blog “The Purpose Fairy” by Luminita Daniela Saviuc. Over the period of 8 weeks following Easter, he will explore life lessons such as:

  • Change is the Only Constant
  • Nothing Lasts Forever
  • We Judge Others for the Things We Haven’t Accepted In Ourselves
  • How People Treat Us Is Their Issue, How We React Is Ours
  • What We Resist, Persists
  • Our Thoughts Create Our Reality
  • There Comes a Time in Your Life When You Really Need To Let Go
  • You Can’t Control Other People’s Behaviors, You Only Think You Can

Sid will explore varied biblical stories that coincide with these practical life themes and talk about how they help interrupt some of the common less helpful messages we have incorporated into our thinking and beliefs from childhood.

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