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Sunday Activities 4/27/14 – Children

Hello Everyone,

Now that Easter is over, we are going to run a two part lesson on Forgiveness. Both parts of the lesson will be based on our Joyful Path curriculum. This Sunday’s lesson, which will take place during service time at 10:30, will be based on the Joyful Path lesson entitled: “Learning from Mistakes”.

In my class, as we did for my lesson on the Last Supper, the lesson on Palm Sunday and the Lesson on Easter Sunday, we will role play the scenario we have talked about. The kids really seem to have a fun time, acting out the scenes from the Bible, for the last few weeks. In this week’s lesson, we will act out how to offer a meaningful apology. There will also be a Forgiveness poster to decorate.

For the younger kids (ages 3-5) Shari will read a story about forgiveness, and help the little guys use picture symbols to make their own mini-posters about forgiveness.

I think this will be a very important lesson, and also a lot of fun. I have certainly seen a few smiles on the faces of Trinity kids, the past Read More    

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