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Sunday’s Activities – Children 4/13

Hello Everyone,
Easter is less than two weeks away, and things have really been picking up at Trinity. Last Sunday I had 8 Students in my classroom, and we were able to recreate the picture of the Last Supper, as part of my lesson on the Easter Season. Of course, we could have used a few more students to make the picture more accurate, so please come join us, if you have not been to Trinity in a while.
This week’s lesson, which will run in both my Joyful Path class (kids from 5-11 years of age) and Shari’s Godly play class (Kids from 3-5 years of age) will be about the event that inspired palm Sunday. In Shari’s class, the little ones will actually act out a scene of Jesus riding into town on a Donkey, while his followers throw down palms.
In my class, we will talk about the significance of the palms, Jesus’ big entrance, and how it all leads up to Easter Sunday.
I felt so good, last Sunday, having taught the kids a lesson on the Last Supper, where I believe they genuinely learned Read More    

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