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Change always comes bearing gifts. ~Price Pritchett

And what wonderful gifts we’ve received! The children’s program staff at Trinity includes two new members, and I am so pleased to be able to acquaint you with the team. Allow me to introduce:

  • Kim Longacre, our new Children’s Program Coordinator. Though you may know Kim from the local Austin band, The Reivers, you may NOT know what an amazing teacher she is. Kim has a background as a Montessori teacher, the founder of the little preschool, and the director of education for the Health Start Foundation. She is currently a teacher at AHB Community School, a wonderful private school that resides right here in our building.
  • Nichole Crosson, our new Preschool Coordinator. Nicole’s background is in elementary education and child development, volunteerism, and environmental activism. When she’s not working. She’s camping, playing disc golf, or riding her bike. She was recently certified as a Dharma Yoga and Radiant Child Yoga teacher, so we’re looking forward to stretching our minds and our bodies under her care. Nichole will officially begin working with us in July.
  • Elyse Jensen, our amazing teacher in the infant and toddler room. Elyse has been with us for a while now, Read More    

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