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Children’s activities 5/11

Hello Everyone,

This Sunday, May 11th, will actually be the last Sunday that my wife Shari and I work as teachers at Trinity. I have worked at Trinity for four years, and I have enjoyed meeting each of you and your children. I think I said this in my last update, but since I moved to Austin, Trinity has been like a second family to me.
Many opportunities have come my way, since I began working at Trinity, and my daughter, Pepper, has enjoyed coming to our Children’s program, since before she could even crawl.
Shari and I will serve as subs, when the need for a sub arises. Until then, I hope your children enjoy learning with the creative, kind-hearted and hardworking team of Georgie, Jean-Paul and Elyse. Soon, they will be joined by the qualified teacher who will take my place.
For this Sunday, Mother’s day, our lesson will be about the nurturers we have in our lives, and will feature different activities and crafts. So, come join us. I look forward to seeing you all, this Sunday.

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