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Children’s Activities Sunday 5/3

Hello Everyone,

It has been great to see a lot of returning faces at Trinity these past few weeks. I have been with Trinity for almost four years, basically Pepper’s whole life, and it is really great to see the kids that I have grown to know and appreciate, in that time.
This Sunday, we will be continuing our two part lesson on giving a heartfelt apology, and being able to forgive someone. Last week, we covered the apology part. This week, the lesson changes gear and we see what it is like on the other end of the conversation.
In my class, we will roleplay a scenario, where each of the students will get a chance to be the person offering the apology, as well as the person offering the forgiveness. I am going to also read of St. Jerome and the Lion, which is found in the Joyful Path curriculum. That story is all about forgiving others.
When we are done, we will construct flowers (perhaps in preparation of Mothers Day) using paper plates and a pipe cleaner for a stem.
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