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Children’s Program Update – 6/1

From Ms. Kim:
On Sunday, 5.25.14, the Elementary Group talked about why we people seem to always stick together in groups. We talked about how we like to be with other people because it’s fun and we can get more done when when we work together. We talked about what happens when we don’t get along. The kids had lots personal experience with conflict!
They loved the anatomically correct brain model that helped them learn about their amygdalas! They were surprised to learn that such a small thing could influence their moods so dramatically.
We read a story about a person who got really frightened and talked about fleeing, fighting or freezing. We talked about ways to access the thinking part of their brains through breathing. Then they made drawings with “poems” about anger and peace.
This Sunday, 6.1.14, we’ll play some games and talk more about our emotions and the difference between community building and community breaking.

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