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Children’s Program Update – 6/29/14

Last Sunday, June 22, we continued the discussion about the light we have inside us.We talked about things we were grateful for during the week and people who helped us. We thought about this as a way our light was made brighter by the light someone else shared with us. We also talked about ways we can share our light with others. When we help others, when we do what’s expected of us and when we show simple kindnesses like waving hello or sharing a smile with someone- these are all ways we help spread the spiritual light that burns within all of us.

We also talked about how much energy resentment and bitterness take. We lit a candle and cut off its air supply and watched the flame die out. Anger needs oxygen just like a candle does. When we take deep breaths we give our brains the energy it needs in order to resolve the conflict peacefully. We read a story about a child who wasn’t like the other children in his community, he let his light shine by staying true to his gifts and became a great artist. We made a craft- a candle Read More    

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