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Jung Society Lecture – Shamans, Serpents and Other Terrifying Critters 6/13

  • What: Lecture – Shamans, Serpents and Other Terrifying Critters
  • When: June 13 @ 7 pm
  • Where: Trinity United Methodist Church (community hall)
  • Cost: $12 members, $15 non-members, $8 students
  • More Info:

Deep in the hidden canyons of desert West Texas remains a silent witness to a long disappeared peoples: the wall paintings of the Lower Pecos. In the rock shelters where these people lived out their lives, they left a testimony to their inner life, their relationship to the unconscious. Leaping panthers, danc- ing people transformed into panthers, antlered beings, spirits of the grains and shaman-like figures decorate these silent walls. The participants will learn how one group of pre-technological and pre-psychological people lived closely with the reality of the psyche and found ways of touching into the deepest levels of the unconscious.

Priscilla Murr, Ph.D., is a Jungian analyst who has been in practice in for nearly 30 years. She trained in Zurich for 15 years. Returning to the US in 1985, she sought some place in this new world, where people had connected with the unconscious and lived close to their souls. Her discovery of the rock art in West Texas was eye-opening and inspiring, so rich and real was the Read More    

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