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Children’s Program Update 7/20/14

Last Sunday we read the parable of the sower. We talked about all the seeds the farmer sowed and why none thrived except for the seeds that were thrown in the healthy soil. We talked about what goes into making healthy soil. Apparently everyone does some gardening at TUMC, because these kiddos knew a lot about compost! They knew that in order to have good soil you needed to let dead organic material rot and break down- then you can add it to dirt to make healthy soil! Then we talked about the parable relating to our lives, which are made richer and more fulfilling when we learn and grow. The kids thought that Jesus’ story was about ideas that don’t grow and ideas that do. We talked about how we might create a healthy soil for good ideas to sprout. When we reflect on things that happen in our lives- when we take the time to break down our successes and our mistakes we learn a lot from our past. Ideas are everywhere, but only when our minds are rich and healthy will they sprout.

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