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Children’s Program Update August 3, 2014

This Sunday Trinity Sunday Schoolers were delighted to share their morning with Shari,Peter and Pepper! The 3 of them helped out with the babies and infant group while Elyse and Nichole were out of town. It was wonderful seeing them!

This week, we did a guided meditation and then talked about we felt afterward. “Peaceful, calm…Happy!” Next, we heard the parable of “The Mustard Seed,” and we talked about what they thought heaven was. Several people thought it was a place- and that good things happen to you there. We talked about what Jesus could have possible meant when he said that the kingdom of heaven was like a mustard seed? Seeds grow. How could heaven grow? Maybe heaven is a place inside too. Maybe it’s in that space we made during our guided meditation! Then, we looked at the mandalas we’d started last week and thought the center of that mandala was as small as a seed and the concentric designs seemed to grow out of it!

Next Sunday we’re going to tell the story of “The Loaves and Fishes!”

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