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Children’s Program Update July 27, 2014

Last Sunday we acted out the parable of the sower and talked about how we can create soil that is fertile and healthy enough to receive inspiration and wisdom from the universe. We did a guided meditation that helped us center ourselves. We let go of the things that distracted us from being present- we recognized the people in our lives who love us and bring us joy. We talked about other cultures that create time and space for wisdom by meditating. We talked about the similarities we, TUMC-folk share with them, in that, we take time each Sunday to pray. We send out prayers of gratitude and we send out prayers for things we are confused and conflicted by. This time we spend reflecting is rejuvenating. It is an act of self-love. The more we practice this, the more we fill our cups full of love and kindness which can be shares with the world around us. One tool people use in meditation is a mandala. They are not dissimilar to the stained glass window in our own church.

Next week, we’ll be talking about other parables Jesus told- and Read More    

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