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Committee for Wednesday Night Dinners

The Adult Nurture Team has decided to form a Food Committee to help coordinate the Wednesday night dinners that will precede the Wellspings of Wisdom classes that will start September 10. There will be five Wednesday night meals. We are suggesting one meal of soup (provided by Mary Lett and Light German), one of baked potatoes with various toppings (provided by volunteers), two meals from the Mexican restaurant we used last session, and one meal from Jason’s Deli. We’d also ask for volunteers to bring dessert. We want to be able to announce the menus ahead of time so people will know what to expect each week. Our goal is to have this information included in the registration fliers on August 24.

Mary Lett has volunteered to lead the committee with help from Light German, but we need a few more volunteers. If you’d like to help, please contact Mary at or phone her at 512-928-1802.

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