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School Supplies for Children of Border Workers

From Janet Cook:

This January, I was part of an Austin Tan Cerca de La Frontera (ATCF) delegation that visited our neighbors on the Mexican side of the border. We saw first-hand their difficult working conditions in multi-national factories as well as their indomitable spirit in facing them. We are committed to helping our neighbors break the cycle of poverty and oppression through educating their children. We are committed to solidarity, not charity.

Please consider a suggested contribution of $10, or whatever you can afford, for annual school supplies for a child in one of the border towns. (ALL contributions will go directly to purchase school supplies, not to administrative work.) I will be in the narthex after the Sunday services July 13 and 20 to accept these.

Other Things You Can Do to Help

  • Read the ATCF brochure and then share it with a friend.
  • Consider a trip to visit border workers with an ATCF delegation.
  • Plan to attend the 11th annual Women and Fair Trade Festival in Austin during the weekend before Thanksgiving. It’s a great place to do your holiday shopping. There are beautiful hand-made crafts as well as other cultural offerings.

Thank you.

Janet Cook

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