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Children’s Program Update- 7/13/14

Last Sunday, in preparation for our participation in Communion Sunday, we talked about the word “communion.” We talked about times in our families when everybody comes together. Everyone mentioned coming together at meal times. We sit around the table and talk about what we’ve done and things we’d like to do. We talk about things happening around us at school or work. It’s a place to share and process things we’ve been holding onto inside. Communion Sunday is a reenactment of Jesus’ Last Supper. It is a ritual we celebrate with our spiritual family. Not only do we give thanks for all the blessings in our lives, but sharing this quiet time together helps us reflect on things we struggle with and sometimes we are able to find the value in those things too. This Sunday, July 13th, we will talk more about how valuable reflection is in our lives. Hope to see y’all there! Ms. Kim

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