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Children’s Program Update August 10, 2014

Last Sunday, we were delighted to have so many children in Sunday School. It was wonderful to connect and to share our thoughts with everyone! We learned the Loaves and Fishes story, where Jesus told his disciples to go ahead and take the 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread to feed 5000 people. Jesus wasn’t worried about going hungry, he knew there would be plenty. We talked about things that caused us to feel anxious, like not getting a turn or worrying that we might not get enough of something. We closed our eye and found that quiet place inside and imagined we had all that we ever needed or wanted. When we clam ourselves down, we are better able to figure out how to get what we need or want! We did a guided meditation about something we’d like to do if money, age, education were not barriers. Then we thought about things that might be possible barriers; we drew them on paper airplanes and threw those barriers away!

Next Sunday, we’ll talk about the story of Jesus calming a storm and walking on water!

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