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Children’s Program Update August 17, 2014

Summer got the best of our Elementary class’ Sunday School lesson- but not-so for the pre-k group! Nichole did a really fun, interactive puppet show with her group. They talked about that time Jesus walked out on the water to meet up with his disciples.

They were certain that it was a ghost coming towards them and Peter challenged it saying, “…if it’s really you Jesus, then call out my name. ” Jesus not only did that, but told him to come out on the water with him! Peter did as Jesus asked and was amazed that he too could walk on the water, until he felt the wind and waves starting to blow up again. He cried out to Jesus for help. Jesus did, but scolded him for losing faith- he knew Peter could have continued to walk, had he remained focused. They made it back to the boat safely and the rest of the disciples said that no one but the son of God could have done that!

Nichole then led a little conversation about believing in yourself and staying focused on your hopes and dreams so you can do things that seem impossible at first!

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