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Children’s Program Update August 31, 2014

Last Sunday, we talked about our hearts and how wise they are. Jesus told his disciples that sometimes you have to listen to your heart to do what’s right- because sometimes rules would tell you to do the opposite thing. Jesus got in trouble for helping people on the Sabbath. That was a big no-no back then. Jesus knew that God wanted people to help one another a whole lot more than follow a rule about the Sabbath. We did a little guided meditation to focus on our hearts. Ideas and feelings are very strong things. It’s important to know that we all come to this Earth with wisdom in our hearts. Sometimes ideas and feelings drown out the heart’s message for us. When we come to church it is our chance to practice listening to our hearts. The more we practice this the louder and stronger our hearts become. Then we did a crayon resist painting of our hearts shining through the watercolors! Nichole did a meditation with her Buddhist singing bowl for the pre-school group!

Next week we’ll talk more about following your heart!

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