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Step Up & Make A Difference

You may have noticed the ladder in our hallway at Trinity, or seen the Step Up pictures in the foyer or heard a little bit about Step Up last Sunday.

What is it?!

Step Up is an intervention for giving at Trinity. We need to raise more funds to do the work of our church. Though we are able to meet our regular monthly obligations, we have other commitments that extend beyond our walls. We are currently not fulfilling our financial promise to the greater UMC, which in turn supports many wonderful local, national, and global causes.

Trinity steps up whenever biblical truths are distorted, when intolerance for human rights materializes, when people are in pain, or hungry or cold. Trinity steps up in so many ways, and we’re asking you to help our church – our community – do even more this year.

Please consider deeply what your household can do to step up. If you can give a little more, know that our faith community will accept that with deep thanks. And if you can do a lot more, we hope you will. Every household in Trinity matters: there are no unimportant people – or unimportant steps.

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